Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Descaling Water Coolers

I am often asked about descaling watercoolers and recommending the best chemical to use. To a certain extent this depends on the amount and type of scaling but, in general, three types of chemical are used. These  are: citric acid, sulfamic acid and phosphoric acid. 

The strengths of the acids, on a weight for weight basis, increase in the order given and, as a consequence, so does the danger of handling. The speed of descaling increases as the strength increases. On the contrary, the costs of the acids decrease in the ratio 17:14:1.

 So, if you have hundreds of coolers to descale, I would go for the phosphoric acid. However, there remains the question of safe handling.

The dosing device in the picture enables you to mix water and the acid in the correct proportions without having to handle the concentrated acid. The petrol-pump like configuration means that you can treat several coolers in rapid succession.

No electric supply is necessary, just a water line. This enables you to use a strong acid with maximum operator safety.

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