Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Hand Hygiene

Hand hygiene is a key factor in ensuring that bacterial contamination stays out of your bottling plant and cooler servicing room.

Facilities must be available for washing hands, with easy access, warm water and a sink area that is easy to keep clean. A supply of paper for drying hands and a box of protective gloves must always be nearby. Hand  washing should become a ritual whenever an operator or visitor enters the plant. 

Two products are required next to the sink - a liquid soap and an alcoholic gel. The operator washes hands thoroughly first, then dries with a paper towel and finally applies the alcoholic gel. The gel should be of the type which dries quickly without leaving any odour or residue. 

Protective gloves are no substitute for hand washing and hands should be clean and disinfected before wearing gloves. The gloved hand should be treated with alcoholic gel at regular intervals to offset contamination arising from accidentally touching the face, hair or items of clothing.

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