Thursday, 28 June 2012

Protection of the Whole Bottling Plant Environment

Watercoolers with anti-microbial surfaces are a technological advance, but it would be an even greater advance if your whole bottling plant could be treated in a like manner. 

This is not as far-fetched as it seems, in fact, such a treatment is already available. In previous publications I have talked about airborne bacteria and transference of bacteria from one surface to another, by hand or by contact with contaminated clothing or gloves. A surface treatment for floors, walls and ceilings is available which creates an anti-bacterial coating.

The procedure involves cleaning the surfaces thoroughly and then spraying a solution of the active component onto the cleaned areas. After drying, the film hardens and the anti-bacterial surface is fixed. Normal cleaning products will not remove the film.

Previous applications have been in hospital environments, but the application in food and beverage preparation areas is a natural next step. The biocidal elements do not leach out of the film therefore safety, toxicity and taint are not issues.

The treatment is ideal for new bottling plants before commissioning , but post application is equally valuable. 

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