Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Preferred Bottle Wash/Sanitiser for Polycarbonate

New products specially designed for washing polycarbonate bottles are a rarity on the market. However, one new product provides many benefits for the bottler and gives that added confidence that the bottle is clean and germ-free. The product contains a food-safe disinfectant as well as the cleaning power of other products.

Extensive testing and trials have been carried out which show low TVCs, as expected, but also a reduction in the incidence of green bottles returning to the plant. The new product may be used under adverse conditions, for example, if the heater stops working or the throughput of bottles has to be increased because of production demand. If the concentration of the product is cranked up further, it behaves like a disinfectant and will pass the requirements for EN 1276.

The product generates slightly more foam than a regular bottle wash product, but rinsing is very rapid under normal conditions and the foam is controlled, particularly at normal wash temperatures.

The foam tracer makes the wash solution easier to see and provides reassurance that all parts of the bottle are being thoroughly washed. 

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