Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Which Dry Wipes for Cooler Servicing?

Often, regular paper towels are just not good enough for some of the tough jobs in the bottling plant or cooler servicing room. You need high strength, good absorbency, low lint and a large size for usability over larger surface areas.

The characteristics of preferred industrial dry wipes, would be high strength, both wet and dry, with a dense structure and extremely low lint. Absorption capacity should be, on average, 500% of its own weight and the wipe should be able handle water, oil and chemicals.

During servicing of coolers, no paper pieces should be generated, for example, by tears on jagged edges of the internal casing framework, or during cleaning of taps. In this case, strength of the wipe and resistance to tearing, even when wet, is very important. Normal quality paper towels are not good enough for these strict requirements.

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