Thursday, 1 November 2012

Recycling Plastics from the Bottling Plant

I previously attended a seminar run by the Food and Drink Association in the South West of the UK, entitled “Make Money, Not Waste”. This gave an up-to-date picture of latest developments in recycling and sustainability in general. My interest and perspectives were naturally focused on bottled water applications.

The main waste issues for bottlers are caps, 19L bottles and chemical drums, particularly the 25L size. Unfortunately all three items are made of different kinds of plastic which sometimes deters recyclers from collecting smaller quantities. If you are fortunate enough to be near a recycling site there may be an opportunity to drop off unwanted drums during the course of a delivery round by your drivers. However, this is not always convenient.

The organisation WRAP (Waste and Recycling Action Programme) currently has a study underway to collect plastics from smaller companies and deliver them to recycling points. This is useful for those companies who find it difficult to persuade recyclers to collect smaller quantities.

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