Monday, 5 November 2012

Simple Microbiological Testing in the Bottling Plant

A new type of dipslide has recently appeared on the market which is double sided and able to detect 4 different groups of organisms:
1. Nutrient agar on one side to detect total counts.
2. Chromomeric coliform, E. Coli and pseudomonas aeruginosa on the other side.

It is a very versatile slide that can be used to dip into liquid samples or used as a contact plate on solid surfaces. The nutrient agar reacts with enzyme to produce a colour change which is specific to the bacteria type, allowing easy enumeration.

When sampling fluids, the sample is taken by immersing both sides of the paddle into the fluid to be tested. Excess sample should be gently shaken from the paddle before replacing in the container.

Surfaces can be sampled by allowing direct contact between the agar surface and the test material. The paddle is flexible and can be bent at the upper end to allow both surfaces to come into intimate contact.

Bacterial recovery rate is about 50% so that sweeping an area approximately twice that of the paddle will give a more accurate result. Afterwards incubate at 30/35 deg C for 24-48 hours, when full enumeration should be complete.

Apart from an indicator of aerobic bacteria (TVC), as shown in the picture above, the reverse side will give an indication of coliforms and Pseudomonas according to the following colour scheme: blue/purple or blue/green colonies = E.coli; pink/magenta colonies = other coliforms; buff colonies = Pseudomonas.


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