Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Simple Rules for Bottling Plants

1.       Segregation – The filling area should under a positive air pressure, to avoid inflow of contaminated air.  HEPA filters should be used to filter the air and these should be checked regularly to avoid blockage.  Either the filler should be treated in this way or the whole bottling plant should be under positive pressure if the filler is not enclosed.  Entry into the area must be limited to essential personnel wearing appropriate protective clothing.  Aseptic filling requires very high standards of hygiene and preferably should be run automatically and remotely from human participation.  When this is not possible, the operator should be specially trained to work in an aseptic environment.

2.       Process lines – The distance between the filler and capper should be as short as possible and likewise the distance between the blow moulding unit and the filler, although in the latter case this is not always possible.  Companies filling glass bottles must have a “glass breakage policy” to detail actions taken when glass breakage occurs.  If conveyor lubricants are used, these must be of the H1 grade (approved for indirect food contact).

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