Thursday, 20 September 2012

Best Products for Washing Polycarbonate Bottles

I am often asked about bottle wash products and the difference between those on the market.  There is a difference between the products offered and it is valuable to know what these differences are.

Many bottle wash products sold in the UK are alkaline.  Alkaline products are particularly good at removing particulate soil.  Ideally the product should also contain a water softening component which enables a good clean to be obtained even in water with high mineral content.  Even better, if the product contains a biodegradable detergent, this will enhance cleaning and help draining.  It is essential, of course, that the detergent is low foaming at normal wash temperatures, i.e., above 60 deg C.  If you do not see any foam in your bottle washer, this important component is not in your bottle wash product.

Remember, most of the soiling is on the outside of the bottle, particularly the base, where soil is picked up from wherever the bottle has been standing.  Too much caustic or, indeed, too much acid is undesirable and it is a mistake to take products which are normally sold into the dairy industry; these are fine for cleaning steel piping, but not polycarbonate bottles.

However, occasionally there are limitations to the use of alkaline products.  If your bottle washer does not possess a heater and you have to carry out a cold wash, you need something in addition to ensure good bacteria kill.  In this case, use an alkaline cleaner which contains a disinfectant component, such as hypochlorite, but be sure to rinse thoroughly afterwards, otherwise you may get taint problems.

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