Monday, 24 September 2012

Descaling and Disinfecting Water Coolers

Water coolers are prone to scale up if the spring or mineral water is heavily mineralised. The procedure for descaling is not standardised and different techniques are used by different clients.  For rapid descaling, the acid is used in concentrated form, although this may cause safety issues in handling.  Simple dispensing devices are available for this task which avoid manual operations.

The most important operation is disinfecting the water cooler.  Biofilm can easily form during the 3 months between services and this must be removed to prevent further build up.  Biofilm is notoriously resistant to several disinfectants including hypochlorites.  The ideal disinfectant for this purpose is hydogen peroxide.  It will penetrate and remove biofilm without leaving any taint.  Decomposition products are simply water and oxygen. Stabilised products are required to maintain an adequate shelf life and the stabilisers must be food grade materials.

Treatment of taps, air filter, waterguard and spigot are easily accomplished using a peroxide spray while the main reservoir and internal pipework are best treated with a solution of peroxide.

New sprays are available for cleaning and disinfecting the body of the cooler, drip tray and cup holder which have a long-lasting anti-microbial effect

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