Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Detecting Biofilm and Mould in the Bottling Plant and Water Coolers

How do you detect contamination in your bottling plant or water cooler?  There is a wide variety of diagnostic techniques available these days to help.  Identifying the presence of biofilm or mould can be done in the old fashioned way by feel or using the experienced eye, but it is best to rely on additional help from diagnostic tools.

If you want an immediate answer to the possible presence of biofilm or mould, a simple swabbing test will give you an answer in 10 minutes, based on a colour reaction.  If you want a more quantitative measure of contamination then the use of an ATP meter is required.  These are available in pocket meter format.

If you would like to identify specific bacteria then several techniques are available, some based on pre-made plates with identification charts of the bacterial growth.  You will need a small incubator to use these plating techniques, however the savings on external lab costs will soon pay for the outlay.

A wide range of diagnostic kits is available, including Colilert, Pseudalert, dip slides, SIM plates and Petri plates as well as associated equipment.

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