Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Spray Cleaning in the Bottling Plant

If you have a fairly large floor surface area in your bottling plant or loading area, spray cleaning is often employed.  This speeds up the process and if you have suitable equipment, the spray device will enable you to spray detergent, followed by a water rinse and provide a final spray with a terminal disinfectant, all from a single piece of equipment.

This multi-purpose spray equipment is not as expensive as you may imagine and certainly speeds the wash-down and terminal disinfection tasks.

One of the dangers of spray cleaning is the possible formation of aerosols.  If the pressure is too high, instead of just wetting the surface, an aerosol cloud containing water droplets, detergent and bacteria will be generated within the bottling plant.

The airborne bacteria will cover the total installation and your good work can be undone easily.  So, keep pressures down, or alternatively use a foaming device, which is by nature at a lower pressure.

A good terminal disinfectant for large surface areas is a mixed quaternary.  This has the advantage of possessing a residual effect without acclimatisation and will continue to kill bacteria overnight.

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  1. This equipment makes cleaning a lot easier in a way, this one of the reason why I bought a pressure washer.