Thursday, 13 September 2012

Hand Sanitising

Hand sanitising is important, not only in the watercooler servicing room, but throughout the bottling plant.  Handling caps in the hopper, handling filled bottles, adjusting filler heads or clearing bottle jams all have the potential for transfer of bacteria.

Hands should be washed before entering the bottling plant or watercooler servicing area, after using the toilet, after coughing or sneezing and after touching any part of of the face or hair.  The location of hand-wash stations should be pointed out to new employees and a demonstration given of the correct method of hand washing and drying.

It should be emphasized that when gloves are worn, the hands within the gloves, as well as the gloves themselves, must be maintained to the same standard of hygiene.  If you go out of the bottling plant area and then back in again, you should wash your hands.  If you are wearing gloves, operators should change into a new pair of gloves on entering the bottling plant again.  This can be inconvenient if you are out for just a couple of minutes, and some operators forget to do this.

It is important to have a good hand sanitiser or hand disinfectant available, preferably the alcohol-based type which dries quickly on the hands without need for a paper towel.  If you come into the plant area with gloves, after being out for a few minutes, you can also treat the gloved hand with sanitiser without need to change into a new pair.

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