Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Measuring Concentration of Bottle Wash Detergent

Still doing titrations?  Many bottlers have switched to using conductivity meters to measure the concentration of bottle wash product in the tank.  With advances in technology, conductivity meters have become smaller and easier to use.  The price also has  fallen considerably.

Using conductivity meters could not be simpler, just take a sample from the wash tank and dip in the meter.  When the reading stabilises, look up the reading on a calibration chart and this will give you the concentration.
The pocket conductivity meters are temperature compensating, available in basic form for measuring just conductivity, or more sophisticated systems will also measure TDS, temperature and are self-calibrating.  They are waterproof and also float should you accidently drop them into the wash tank.

If you operate a high throughput machine, then conductivity probes may be used in the machine linked to automatic dosing pumps which maintain a fixed concentration of the product throughout the day.  The concentration of the product in the wash tank will reduce over the day caused by drag-out from the bottle movement and it is necessary to compensate for this loss

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